The Argentinosaurus huinculensis was 73 tons and is the largest land animal that we have calculated, while the Antarctosaurus giganteus is the second largest, weighing 69 tons. It lived in the Cretaceous Period and was found in Argentina, leading to its name. A 2012 Toyota Prius weighs around 1.5 tons. That means the Argentinosaurus huinculensis weighed about 48.67 Toyota Priuses and the Antarctosaurus giganteus weighed about 43.33 Toyota Priuses. To sustain itself, it used its long neck to eat the vegetation around it and had an efficient digestive system, allowing it to survive.

Argentinosaurus-by-Zachi-Evenor-ver013Prius, Hybrid, Car, Electric, Mileage, Toyota

From: צחי אבנור

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